Popular online betting exchange Smarkets recently released the Beta version of their ‘true-price’ sportsbook app, SBK. New users from the UK can get their hands on the SBK app by visiting and registering to receive an invite code.

SBK - The true-price, community-driven sportsbook app - Now in beta for UK residents

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SBK App Review

The SBK App is the newest in a line of sportsbook apps meant to provide bettors with easy convenient sports betting as well as social elements such as community tips and bets. The SBK App is currently in beta, functioning as an app-only platform that uses Smarkets Betting Exchange pricing but with a simpler layout where bets can only be backed and not played. This, however, is expected to change as the app heads out of testing and into a final product.

SBK App ReviewDetails
Available toUK players
Type of appBetting exchange app
SBK app downloadiTunes, Google Play
SBK Welcome BonusTBA

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

The main selling point of the app is to simply give better odds than competing bookmakers by applying the same formula that the Smarkets Exchange via a peer-to-peer betting exchange system. The convenience of using the peer exchange system via a mobile app also creates the further advantage of giving instant betting access to a range of bets set by other bettors and the ability to live bet on the go.

To find out more about the SBK App android and when to expect the full application to be released read the full review below.

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SBK Sportsbetting

The SBK App will apply a peer-to-peer exchange system for online betting. What this means is that users will have the chance to bet against each other rather than the bookmaker and do so in real-time through the use of their mobile device. This will not only make betting convenient but also provides ‘true-odds’ as traditional bookmakers will always take a fraction of the odds off the top of each bet. Instead SBK Sportsbetting applies a commission system where they will take a small flat fee from every wager which is much less to the typical bookmaker margins. Also with an exchange system, the market isn’t priced by a single entity but by hundreds or thousands of bets placed by users, providing pressure on layers to offer fairer prices.

The advantage of sports betting through the SBK App rather than through the browser-based client on Smarkets is the cut in times, which will provide the most up-to-date and relevant notifications, and make it easier to place a bet exactly when you need to.

SBK App Download

The SBK App will be available for both Android and iOS devices. The beta version of the app can be downloaded via the iTunes and Google Play stores at the moment but will require an invitation code to activate. As a purely mobile-friendly platform, SBK will not be available in a browser-based client format. So, what is the SBK app store? To download the SBK App android and get started visit and get your invitation code right away.

A screenshot of the SBK App from the App Store

SBK Sportsbetting Community

One of the new interesting aspects of betting with SBK will be the interactive community element. Users will be able to share betting tips and possible bets with other users to create a community betting experience which is not available with traditional betting sites. The ability to do all of this over your mobile device further enhances the community environment by giving instant notifications and the ability to chat with other bettors.

SBK App Welcome Bonus

New users of SBK may expect a welcome bonus to be available when the final version of the App finally launches. The Bonus will aim to bring potential users to test out the app. The most common type of welcome bonus should involve a first deposit bonus or first bet bonus which will provide bonus money based on certain terms and conditions. Be sure to keep an eye out for any SBK App bonus code which may be involved with the bonus as it may be required to activate the bonus.

SBK App Review Conclusion

The SBK App is already out on beta and is ready to hit the UK online sports betting market later this year. With the Smarkets Betting Exchange integrated into the system and a broad community-based approach applied in its creation the app should provide a new theme to online betting and forge the way to more betting exchanges becoming mobile apps.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any developments with the app, get back to our review and stay tuned.

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